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September 2012
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id Date Time Location Field Info Conference Home Away Score Box
1375Sat, 09/08/20123:30 PMWYSA ComplexField 05 U-10 MixedAllstarsPatriots  
1376Sat, 09/15/20129:00 AMWYSA ComplexField 03 U-10 MixedPatriotsRoyals  
1377Sat, 09/15/20125:00 PMWYSA ComplexField 04 U-10 MixedAllstarsWarriors  
1378Sat, 09/22/20129:00 AMWYSA ComplexField 05 U-10 MixedAllstarsWarriors  
1379Sat, 09/22/20123:30 PMWYSA ComplexField 03 U-10 MixedRoyalsPatriots  
1380Sat, 09/29/20129:00 AMWYSA ComplexField 04 U-10 MixedAllstarsPatriots  
1381Sat, 09/29/20123:00 PMWYSA ComplexField 04 U-10 MixedRoyalsWarriors  
1405Sun, 09/09/20121:00 PMWYSA ComplexField 10 U-12 MixedRampageGSCYSA Burn  
1411Sat, 09/15/20123:00 PMWYSA ComplexField 09 U-12 MixedForceRampage  
1412Sat, 09/29/20121:00 PMWYSA ComplexField 09 U-12 MixedGSCYSA BurnForce  
1413Sat, 09/29/20123:00 PMWYSA ComplexField 09 U-12 MixedRampageGSCYSA Fire  
1415Sun, 09/09/20126:00 PMWYSA ComplexField 11 U-14 MixedRaidersJYSA  
1416Sun, 09/23/20123:00 PMWYSA ComplexField 12 U-14 MixedRaidersLYSA Santos  
1419Sat, 09/15/20125:00 PMWYSA ComplexField 12 U-16 MixedArsenalLYSA Fire  
1420Sat, 09/29/201211:00 AMWYSA ComplexField 12 U-16 MixedLYSA WildcatsArsenal  
1428Sat, 09/15/20123:00 PMWYSA ComplexField 15 U-19 MixedCelticsRadcliff  
1431Sun, 09/09/20121:00 PMWYSA ComplexField 09 U-12 GirlsWYSA DynamoGSCYA Galaxy  
1432Tue, 09/18/20126:00 PMWYSA ComplexField 10 U-12 GirlsWYSA DynamoWYSA Panthers  
1433Sun, 09/23/20125:00 PMWYSA ComplexField 15 U-12 GirlsWYSA DynamoLYSA Phoenix  
1434Sat, 09/29/20123:00 PMWYSA ComplexField 15 U-12 GirlsGSCYSA SpiritWYSA Dynamo  
1438Sat, 09/08/20123:00 PMMasterson StationMS-98 U-12 MixedLYSA SkorForce  
1439Sun, 09/09/20123:00 PMMasterson StationMS-98 U-12 MixedLYSA ArsenalForce  
1440Sat, 09/22/20123:00 PMLisle Road ComplexGSCYSA 19 U-12 MixedGSCYSA FireForce  
1441Sun, 09/30/20123:00 PMWYSA Complex15 U-12 MixedForceLYSA Boca Jr  
1444Sat, 09/08/20123:00 PMMasterson StationMS-97 U-12 MixedLYSA RacersRampage  
1445Sun, 09/23/20121:00 PMMasterson StationMS-97 U-12 MixedLYSA SkorRampage  
1446Sun, 09/30/20123:00 PMMasterson StationMS-97 U-12 MixedLYSA ArsenalRampage  
1449Sat, 09/08/20121:00 PMMasterson StationMS-98 U-12 GirlsLYSA Hot ShotsWYSA Dynamo  
1450Sun, 09/16/20125:00 PMMasterson StationMS-98 U-12 GirlsLYSA TasersWYSA Dynamo  
1451Sun, 09/30/20123:00 PMMasterson StationMS-99 U-12 GirlsLYSA TasersWYSA Dynamo  
1452Sun, 09/16/20123:00 PMMasterson StationMS-99 U-12 GirlsLYSA PhoenixWYSA Panthers  
1453Sat, 09/22/20121:00 PMLisle Road Complex19 U-12 GirlsGSCYSA SpiritWYSA Panthers  
1454Sun, 09/23/20125:00 PMMasterson StationMS-99 U-12 GirlsLYSA Hot ShotsWYSA Panthers  
1455Sat, 09/29/20121:00 PMLisle Road Complex19 U-12 GirlsGSCYA GalaxyWYSA Panthers  
1456Sun, 09/30/20125:00 PMMasterson StationMS-98 U-12 GirlsLYSA PhoenixWYSA Panthers  
1459Sat, 09/08/20125:00 PMMasterson StationMS-02 U-14 MixedLYSA BulletsRaiders  
1460Sat, 09/15/20125:00 PMMasterson StationMS-01 U-14 MixedLYSA StormRaiders  
1461Sun, 09/30/20121:00 PMMasterson StationMS-02 U-14 MixedLYSA UnitedRaiders  
1462Sat, 09/29/2012TBDRichmond KY U-14 MixedMUSA Madison BlueRaidersTBD
1463Sat, 09/08/20129:00 AMMasterson Station13B U-16 MixedLYSA WildcatsArsenal  
1464Sun, 09/16/20121:00 PMMasterson StationMS-99 U-16 MixedLYSA CrewArsenal  
1465Sat, 09/22/20125:00 PMMasterson StationMS-13B U-16 MixedLYSA FireArsenal  
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